I started Calvary Remodeling window services to help customers have access to a professional window installation with a quality product for a reasonable price. I have worked for many years with 2 of the largest Remodeling companies in CT.

Over the years, I have learned to treat the customer with honesty, respect, leading them to a product that both fits their budget and their personality. After all, the home is an extension of your family, personality, and your largest asset you will probably ever own. Why not trust a smaller company with the experience of a large corporation, and the experience of window installation services? Our crews are AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association) certified and the owner is on-site each day to ensure the proper installation is being performed each and every time.

Our product is very affordable with a lifetime warranty on all parts, glass, and labor. The windows we install are made with .70 PVC vinyl, foam filled frames, and tilted sills which give a better pitch for the water to escape away from the inside of the window. Also, the sashes have metal reinforced rails to give more strength. All sashes are welded not mechanically fastened, sashes also have bulb seals. These are some of the reasons this window is both reasonably priced and cosmetically pleasing.


Thank you For Choosing Calvary Remodeling

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